On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

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Service Opportunities

Community Service Coordinators

Scouting For food/Mail Carriers Food Drive-Mindi O'Conner
Donation Box4soldiers-The Nevill Family
Special Olympics- Rick Reece
VFW Poppy Sales- Lulu Baer

Scouting For Food-

 recipient-Fauquier FISH food bank
Our November will begin as always with our first two weekends devoted to distributing bags for the Scouting For Food project on the first Saturday and then collecting the food on the following Saturday.  All the collected food stays local – all food collected by Troop 10 and our brother Troops benefits those in need in Fauquier County. 
The Warrenton Mail Carrier’s pick up donated food along their routes on the designated Saturday in May.  They deliver the food back to the Warrenton Post Office.  Troop 10 then collects the food from the post office and delivers it to a local food bank and assists in stocking the shelves.  The food banks in our area are heavily used.  Troop 10 encourages everyone to be a frequent participant to any food drive, whether church, school or at work.  This is an on-going opportunity to help those in need throughout our community!

Troop 10 provides volunteers for the Special Olympics annual Bowling tournament and the Track and Field Meet. This is a great experience for our Scouts and adults.  We are privileged to be offered an opportunity to participate in this event.  Troop 10 provides volunteers for the Special Olympics annual Bowling tournament and the Track and Field Meet.   

Support to our Service men & women

Troop 10 has been engaged in a major service project for the last year and a half. 
The Troop collects supplies to provide to those who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the Wounded Warrior program at Bethesda Naval Hospital. 
The needs for those serving in Afghanistan include dried fruit to provide a bit of flavor to the bland diet and individual packets of beverage powder to add some taste to the large quantity of water that is consumed every day.  Non-perishable items such as nuts are also a treat.  There are also women who are serving with the military in Afghanistan – their specific needs are hair conditioner, hand lotion and chap stick/lip balm.


Troop 10 has been aided in this service project by government contractors in the area.  Anyone who would like to donate items to send to our service members who are serving in these regions or who are recovering from wounds in Bethesda may drop off your donations at St James Episcopal Church in Warrenton.  Please leave a note on your donation that it is for Troop 10’s project to brighten the day of those who are serving our country.  


Recently, we have also been sending aid packages to troops near Fort Bragg, North Carolina, whose homes were damaged or destroyed by spring tornados. To date, the Troop and its partners have sent 213 boxes to Afghanistan, Iraq and Fort Bragg totaling over 2,350 pounds of donations.

Troop 10 also activily volunteers hours of assistance to the Warrenton VFW, with their twice a year poppy sales events.
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